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LOMLET 101  :  

Characteristics & Applications : Contact type electrode for welding of low carbon steels in all positions, with unmatched bead uniformity, least distortion and radiographic quality welds. Recommended for ducts, autobodies, tanks, furniture, pipelines etc.
Tensile Length : 50 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)
Elongation : 26 %(Typ.)

LOMLET 102 :  

Characteristics & Applications : suitable for low alloy, high tensile and problem steels. Deposites on restrained and oil soaked parts are crack free with excellent impact resistance and ductility. Recommended for flanges, crane-jibs, shovel boom, dumper chasis, heavy equipment maintenance etc. 
Tensile Length : 58 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)
Elongation : 28 %(Typ.)

LOMLET 102 - S:  

Characteristics & Applications : suitable for low alloy, high tensile steels, cast steels, cast irons, problem steels having sulphure and other alloys added to base metal for better machinability. Most suitable where toughness and weld reliability are important can be used for repair of broken structural steel components, casting defects, Pressure Vessels, Automobile chasis, Heavy Equipment maintenance, Steels with sulphur  & phosphorus and as buffer layer before hard facing
Tensile Length : 58 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)
Elongation : 27 %(Typ.)


LOMLET 201  : 

Characteristics & Applications : Stabilized 19/9.5 Cr/Ni/Cb electrode for welding of AISI 304, 304L, 321 and 347 type steels in all positions. Resists heat, corrosion and carbide precipitation. Recommended for kitchen, dairy equipment, brewery, food processor & chemical industry equipments.
Tensile Length : 58 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)
Elongation : 27 %(Typ.)

LOMLET 202  : 

Characteristics & Applications : For welding of Cr, Ni, Mo, steels of type 316, 316 L, 318. Suitable for joining extra low carbon grades to reduce carbide precipitation & intergranular corrosion. Recommended for turbine blades, hot forging dies, pumps, chemical tanks

Tensile Length : 60 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)

LOMLET 203  : 

Characteristics & Applications : Ideal for welding of stainless steels unknown analysis. Provides high oxidation and heat resistance upto 1100C. Also suited for joining dissimilar stainless steels. Recommended for heat exchangers, valves, furnace parts, heat treatment pots, tanks and baskets etc. 
Tensile Length : 58 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)
Elongation : 27 %(Typ.)

LOMLET 204  : 

Characteristics & Applications : For welding most types of SS, high alloy and special steels. has high Cr-Ni contents for welding straight chrome steels. Deposits have high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion & heat upto 1200° C.  Recommended for turbine blades, impellers, shafts, valves, joining of unknown stainless steels etc.
Tensile Length : 65 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)

LOMLET 205  : 

Characteristics & Applications : Weld deposit is an austeno ferritic steel with 30% ferrite resulting in superior crack resistance. Suitable for welding of all types of steels including austenitic Mn Steel & die steels. Optimum resistance to friction , heat, impact & corrosion. Recommended for tools, dies, gears, pinions, shafts, springs, joining dissimilar steels
Tensile Length : 85 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)
Elongation : 25 %(Typ.)

LOMLET 206  : 

Characteristics & Applications : A versatile electrode with excellent work hardening properties for welding of hadfield manganese steel. Non magnetic and highly crack resistance. Can be used as buffer layer under hard facing deposits. Recommended for railway points & crossings, crusher hammers, sprocket wheels, track rollers etc.

Hardness : 170 BHN (Typ.) (As deposited upto 450 BHN (work hardened)
Tensile Length : 58 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)
Elongation : 27 %(Typ.)

LOMLET 207  : 

Characteristics & Applications : For weld repair and cladding of 13% Mn steel. Also suitable for joining austenitic to carbon & low alloy steels or hardenable steels. Very high deposition rate 180% and excellent work hardening properties with good impact resistance. Recommended for excavator parts, dredger teeth, rail surfaces, joining austenitic manganese steel to carbon steel or stainless steel

Hardness : 150 BHN (Typ.) (As deposited upto 450 BHN (work hardened)

LOMLET 208  : 

Characteristics & Applications : Excellent toughness & abrasion resistance. Work hardness in service & has exceptional resistance to cracking. ideal for welding of high Mn steels. Recommended for railway points and crossings, frogs and switches, dredger and excavator parts of high manganese steels 

Hardness : 220 BHN (Typ.) (As deposited upto 500 BHN (work hardened)

LOMLET 209  : 

Characteristics & Applications : Highly crack resistant, tough and work hardening deposits. Good wear resistance under heavy impact conditions. Ideal for welding of high Mn steels. Recommended for welding of crusher & roller, impact hammers impact bars, gyratory cones, bucket teeth, rail points and crossings. 

Hardness : 220 BHN (Typ.) (As deposited upto 550 BHN (work hardened)

LOMLET 210  : 

Characteristics & Applications : A versatile electrode for welding of almost all steels, of even unknown composition. The electrode is recommended for achieving high strength and crack free deposit with controlled grain structure in high carbon steels, stainless steels, die steels, tool steels etc. Also recommended for use as buffer layer on difficult to weld steels prior to hard facing 

Tensile Length : 85 kgf/mm˛ (Typ)
Elongation : 22 %(Typ.) 

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